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Diamine Music Ink Set!


What’s better than one new Diamine ink? TEN of them! Yes, thanks to the wonderful people at Goulet Pens, my Diamine Music set arrived today! It took me about 1.4 milliseconds to open the box, ink up the nearest ten pens and get to writing! I will post more in-depth reviews on some of the inks in the coming days…but my first thoughts are: Beautiful set, FANTASTIC colors and (as expected) smooth, wet flow just like any other Diamine ink! Yes, if you do the math it is about $100 for $50 worth of ink. But this is some lovely ink! My only wish is that they’d sell “Handel” by the gallon! It’s beyond gorgeous!





Hopefully, they will sell individual bottles sometime in the future. I could see myself going through the entire 30mL bottles of Handel, Wagner and Vivaldi very quickly!

Did you get this set, too? I’d love to hear what you think of it!


Ink Review: Diamine Sepia


When I think of sepia ink, I think of a deep, rich walnut tone. Visions of antique documents and intricate scrimshaw come to mind. Diamine Sepia is different. It isn’t the color of centuries-old writing, but more the color of the parchment it’s written on. It is a gorgous, warm butterscotch shade. In fact, if it were my ink, I would have named it just that. Butterscotch. I can’t look at this ink without craving a butterscotch ice cream sundae, complete with crushed peanuts, fresh whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Now that I’m hungry, I’ll simply post my review and let you be the judge. Either way, it’s beautiful! A full bottle of this is definitely in my near future!

Diamine Sepia

Written with: Noodler’s Konrad Flex Pen & Kuretake brush pen w/water

Written on: Ivory Clairefontaine (Quo Vadis journal) & 32# HP inkjet paper, bright white

In Short: smooth flow, average dry time, mostly not waterproof, good shading with some haloing. I also noticed that it darkened up slightly as it dried overnight. Interesting!

Let me know what you think!